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You need this $12 gadget if you’re always forgetting to turn off the curling iron

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Finally stop leaving your curling iron on all day. (Source: iStock

Finally stop leaving your curling iron on all day. (Source: iStock

Sometimes life can get hectic. You may even forget to turn the curling iron off every once in a while. Nobody wants to be responsible for burning the house down, that’s for sure. Luckily, there is a new way to stay on top of your heated plug-ins with this $12 gadget. Leave the house with some peace of mind knowing that your devices are properly turned off with this convenient outlet timer.

Automatic shut of timer
This auto shut-off safety outlet from Amazon takes the stress out of your daily routine and remembers to turn your plug-ins off after 30 minutes! (Source: Amazon)

$11.59 at Amazon

This Simple Touch safety outlet has an auto shut-off mechanism that will turn off any device for you after 30 minutes — simply push the button to set the timer. The indoor countdown timer is great for bathrooms, kids’ rooms, and even dorm rooms.

This automatic shut-off outlet is the perfect tool for people rushing out the door every morning. One 5-star reviewer claimed, “I’ve always wanted this! I use it to heat up my electric hair appliances. 30 minutes is plenty of time for heat up and use. I always try to remember to unplug it before leaving for work but on the off times I forget, I know it will shut off.”

The unit isn’t only for heat-related plug-ins such as hair styling tools — it’s also great for cell phone chargers, fans, heating pads, UV lamps, and more! It’s easy to use, great for saving money and reduces energy consumption. You can now go on with your day confident that your plug-ins are powered off so that your electricity bill isn’t soaring through the roof!

Now there’s no need to feel anxious about forgetting to turn something off before you leave the house. For less than $12, you can keep your home safe while saving money on electricity and energy costs. Hurry and get yours on Amazon before this product flies off the shelves!

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