US Drug Watchdog is urging potential or current user of Ozempic to Avoid Special Internet Deals-That Do Not Involve A US Based Drug Store-Medical Doctor-Please Do Not Roll the Dice on Your Life

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“The US Drug Watchdog is affiliated with one of the top counterfeit initiatives in the world-and there is a very good chance the Ozempic bought online is counterfeit. Why buy risky counterfeit drugs?”

    WASHINGTON, DC, May 18, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — According to the US Drug Watchdog, “We are urging a person who has heard of the amazing results associated with the diabetes drug called Ozempic when it comes to weight loss, and we totally understand why there is so much demand for this medication. However, we are urging consumers who might be interested in using this drug to consult with your primary care physician here in the USA-and only get the prescription from a pharmacy in the USA-or a pharmacy your physician suggests.

“Under no circumstances order Ozempic from an online ‘pharmacy’ in India, China or anywhere else not called the USA. If a person orders ‘Ozempic’ from an online pharmacy, there is a very-very good chance the medication will not work-and in the worst-case scenario the drug might be fatal-or cause extremely severe side effects.

“We are affiliated with one of the top counterfeit initiatives in the world-and there is an extremely good chance the Ozempic bought online is counterfeit. The second problem we see with buying what probably is counterfeit Ozempic online-is–in all likelihood you just gave your credit card information to criminals-organized crime. Why do that?”

It is very unusual for the US Drug Watchdog to issue a public service announcement about drugs-but the group is extremely concerned that desperate consumers will resort to attempting to buy Ozempic online from who might turn out to be counterfeiters-in China, India and or anywhere else that is not USA. As mentioned, the consequences of doing so might be dire for the user.

Typically, the US Drug Watchdog is retained by plaintiff’s law firms to get the word out about recalled drugs or medical devices on a nationwide basis. There are no recalls related to the diabetes drug Ozempic. However, as mentioned, the Watchdog is urging consumers nationwide to avoid buying Ozempic on the Internet, unless the consumer can verify the medication is being sold by a licensed pharmacy in the USA. “Please do not play Russian roulette with drugs or medications that appear to be for sale online,” says the US Drug Watchdog. https://USDrugWatchdog.Com

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