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This $8 hack could solve the worst part of summer roadtrips

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A woman in a car tossing her hands in the air as the man next to her drives.

Say goodbye to motion sickness with these innovative bands. (Source: iStock.)

Roadtrips are the vacation of choice this season, and why not? Travel is exciting, expanding and just plain fun. You learn, you make memories and you return with cool souvenirs to make all your friends jealous. But the actual traveling, the act of getting from your home to that faraway paradise, can be an absolute nightmare for people who struggle with motion sickness.

Nausea colors nearly every aspect of travel. Carsickness on the road, airsickness on a plane and seasickness on a cruise ship can cause you to spend more time in bed than catching the sun. Medication that helps can be expensive, ineffective and cause unwelcome side effects.

Thankfully there is another way. This awesome solution from Sea-Band can be the answer to your road trip prayers, and it’s 30% off right now.

Fight back against car sickness

A pack of seabands.

Seabands are a game changer in the battle against motion sickness. (Source: Amazon)

$8.53 $12.50 at Amazon

Anti-Nausea Acupressure wristbands combat travel sickness without using drugs. They work on principles of acupuncture, an ancient series of techniques that’s been using pressure points to promote wellness for thousands of years.

The product is a soft elastic wristband with a plastic nub. When worn, that nub applies pressure to a spot on your forearm called the Nei-Kuan Point, which alleviates nausea of practically any kind.

Customers have been using the wristband for all sorts of motion sickness. One happy vacationer, ninakraw, gave the product five stars, saying: “I get VERY sea sick and these worked like a CHARM during my cruise. Whenever I put them on, my nausea went away in minutes. When I took them off, I felt sick almost instantly. They do leave an imprint on your wrists but that is nothing compared to the relief they provide. I was skeptical of their effectiveness before buying but TRUST ME, they work wonders.”

Now’s the time to jump on this natural, traditional healing practice. The acupressure wristbands are more than 30% off right now on Amazon. You can pick up a pair for just over $8, and enjoy your vacation road trips without another worry.

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