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Leading Afterlife Expert Roberta Grimes Is Launching the ‘Seek Reality’ Website to Help People Conquer Fear and See Death as Just Part of Our Eternal Lives

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Right now, you’re tuned to that body on this level of reality. When you die, you pick up a new body on a slightly higher channel. New body, new reality. That’s exactly what death is.

    AUSTIN, TX, June 27, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — We are all going to die. Every last one of us. Nothing is changing that. We are taught from a young age that death is scary and mysterious, something to resist and not embrace. We’ve watched our loved ones disappear from us, seemingly never to be heard from again. Every day, we reckon with our own mortality by living in abject fear of it. This is not healthy, and, more important, it’s not warranted.

We can choose to pace and fret and furrow our brows, or we can embrace the simple truth that death, same as life, is amazing! No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you believe, death is nothing to fear. Accepting this fact can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, but with the right guidance you’ll wonder how in the world you didn’t see it sooner.

Roberta Grimes, celebrated author and afterlife expert, knows the truth, and knowing the truth changes everything. Now, with the launch of, she wants to share the truth with you. Featuring a combined eighty years of research and experience, Roberta and her Seek Reality partner, the estimable Dr. R. Craig Hogan, are ready to give you the tools of communication and understanding that you need to take this journey.

Seek Reality’s membership-driven platform will give you access to a veritable treasure trove of materials ranging from informative videos and articles to countless podcasts featuring expert guests like Kelley Glover (singer, children’s music instructor and Roberta’s one-time co-author), whose particular episode has already resonated with listeners all over the world. Make no mistake, though, Seek Reality does not carelessly throw its users into the deep end to sink or swim—far from it. There is an essential, personal touch in the form of frequent Zoom gatherings, Q&A sessions and direct access to Seek Reality’s experts, all of whom are eager to help you free yourself from the fear of death… and even from fear itself.

We caught up with Roberta Grimes in order to discuss the new Seek Reality venture and ask her the questions we know are on some of your minds right now. For a conversation evidently about death, it’s worth noting that ours was a glorious affirmation of life and all of its exciting, endless possibilities here on Earth and beyond.

TSR NEWS GROUP: Fear of death is fear of the unknown. Your research seeks to make the unknown known. But the hurdle for your new venture, Seek Reality, will always be trust. Why should somebody trust or believe you, Roberta Grimes, as the messenger to turn the ‘death fear formula’ on its head, and assure us that everything’s going to be all right at the end?

ROBERTA GRIMES: I don’t think you should trust me. I think you should trust the facts. My job is just to help you know what the facts are. The plain fact is that human life is eternal. There really is no end! It is impossible for you ever to die. But the unfortunate thing is that, all our lives, we’ve been trusting science and we’ve trusted religions. Science and religions have been telling us that certain things are true, but they’re not true. So, the first thing we’ve got to do is to put aside what they’ve been telling us and look at what really is true. And that is my job. To help you understand what is true.

TSR NEWS GROUP: Most people are terrified of death and dying. No matter what their friends, families, or even religions tell them, it just isn’t enough to ease their worries. Yet, you’ve been able to effectively communicate to people that death is nothing to fear. So, what’s your secret?

ROBERTA GRIMES: Knowledge. Simple knowledge. That’s really not a secret at all. And I’m trying to help, that’s what the website is all about. I’m trying to help people understand what really is true… and it’s an exciting truth! It’s all good news. That’s the best part.

TSR NEWS GROUP: Many of us have lost loved ones. Life without them can feel rather empty, like lost space or silence where there once was noise. Are these loved ones still with us? If so, how do we know, and how can we do better to keep them in our lives?

ROBERTA GRIMES: Knowledge, again, is all it takes—because our loved ones actually are in the room with us right now! In fact, if you’re listening, your loved ones know you’re listening. They’re actually trying to comfort you. You just can’t hear them.

TSR NEWS GROUP: Your new website, is, in your own words, “The only website on earth that teaches the whole, evidence-based truth about life and the afterlife”. Roberta, you’ll always be the first to do this, but how will you remain the best? What separates you from the copycat websites that will inevitably pop up after this?

ROBERTA GRIMES: I hope there are a lot of copycats! I just hope they are based on the truth. Unfortunately, many people believe that near-death experiences have something to do with death, but they really don’t. The simple difference is that these people who have had near-death experiences believe that they have ‘died and come back to life’. But, death is simple: you haven’t died unless the silver cord has broken. And I love the term ‘the silver cord’. It comes from the Bible. There’s an energy cord that connects your energy body with your physical body, and it breaks at death. If it hasn’t broken, then you haven’t died. So, if someone is there, talking to you and saying, “Hey, guess what? I died and came back to life,” you know that they haven’t died, because the silver cord didn’t break. NDEs can be wonderful, but death is always a one-way trip. It’s very simple.

TSR NEWS GROUP: That’s fascinating. Now, you’ve authored seven books to date, one of which is called The Fun of Dying. For many people, I would imagine that’s a very contradictory sentiment there in the title—an oxymoron, one could argue. It’s also very intriguing. If I saw it on the bookstore shelf, I wouldn’t be able to resist taking a peek. Tell me, what is so fun about dying?

ROBERTA GRIMES: You’ve planned three exit points since before birth, and once you are close to a planned death, the actual process of dying is a lot of fun. I mean, what’s bad about being entirely pain-free, suddenly seeing mom, and mom now looks 30 years old, and you thought you’d never see mom again? There she is! She’s welcoming you! She’s smiling! She’s happy! You’re seeing your dog from when you were ten years old, and your dog is there again welcoming you, licking your face. What’s not fun about that? Everything about dying is fun. It’s wonderful. It’s joyous, you’re in your new body. Going home is the most fun you’ve ever had in your life. We got the word ‘fun’ in The Fun of Dying from the people who have done it. Yes, it’s fun!

TSR NEWS GROUP: You also have a book geared towards children titled The Fun of Meeting Jesus. What prompted you to expand your expertise to children’s content?

ROBERTA GRIMES: I would love it if all the children in the world could know that there is nothing to fear—and who better to tell them there’s nothing to fear than the Lord, for heaven’s sake? I mean, that’s… it would be wonderful if we could never learn to fear. But, the people who teach children in the religion that bears the name of Jesus, teach them to fear. I’d love to get to them before they ever got to the point of learning how to fear. There is no hell. Let’s teach them before they ever get to the point of learning anything that there is no hell to begin with!

TSR NEWS GROUP: Very interesting! Not everyone realizes this, but in addition to being an author and afterlife expert, you’re also a business attorney. It’s hard to imagine much overlap between these two very different worlds… or is there a connection that maybe I’m missing? How did you make the transition from law to afterlife research?

ROBERTA GRIMES: I made the transition from afterlife studies to the law, and the connection is a simple one. Both my research in afterlife studies and my work in being a small business attorney are based in love. That’s the connection.

TSR NEWS GROUP: Wow. Beautifully stated. This exciting, new Seek Reality venture is obviously a passion project of yours, Roberta. But I understand it’s also very much a team effort. So, I want to hear about your team. Who else is involved in making this vision a reality?

ROBERTA GRIMES: The leading afterlife expert on Earth is Dr. R. Craig Hogan. He’s the person who knows the most. He’s the person I look to for advice when I’m not sure about any aspect of this field. I write books in this field for people who need the information urgently, but when people look for someone who uses footnotes in his books, Dr. Hogan uses footnotes. Let’s just say that’s the difference. [laughs]

TSR NEWS GROUP: You’re the creator of much content; books, podcasts, multiple websites and so forth. Let’s say somebody wants the ‘best of’ compilation of your work just to get started. Which of your books should they read first, and which of your podcasts should they listen to first?

ROBERTA GRIMES: I think the most important book I’ve ever written is Liberating Jesus, because I’m also a biblical scholar, specializing in the Gospels. I was a very zealous Christian for most of my life, and I love Christianity still. What disappoints me most about Christianity is that there are more than 40,000 variations of Christianity and I have never found one that much cares about what Jesus said. To me, what Jesus said should be the focus of each of those 40,000-odd variations of Christianity. And so, I concentrate on what Jesus said, and that’s what Liberating Jesus is all about. For my podcasts, I’d go with one of the most recent ones, which features Kelley Glover, a scholar who focuses on education. Her father grew up during the Jim Crow period, and he grew up as the son of a sharecropper. He ended up a Ph.D scholar and an entrepreneur—and a wonderful, wonderful man. In his autobiography, Exodus from the Door of No Return, he traced his ancestry back to when his ancestors were imported as slaves to this country, and he had no bitterness about his own history. We talked about it on my nine-year-old podcast, which is also called Seek Reality. That Kelley Glover episode would be my favorite podcast of all.

TSR NEWS GROUP: I know that one well. That was the show that put me in touch with you, as you know, and it really called out to me personally.

ROBERTA GRIMES: Yeah. One day, she and I, over lunch, we solved the whole reason why this country still has racial problems. She and I, and we as a culture still have more to do. I mean, let’s stop trying to rehash. Let’s solve and move forward as a people together. That should be the whole point. We never actually did an emancipation, because there was too much bitterness at the time. So, we figured out that education was the solution, and that’s what she’s doing now. And in fact, we wrote a book which was called The Fun of Living Together. The subtitle was a quote from Dr. King, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools”.

But that’s the point. I mean, sooner or later, we have to figure it out. And that was what our book was about. In fact, we were going to go to the White House and present it to the president. But then, of course, Donald Trump was elected president and there was so much confusion in the country that we couldn’t figure out how to do that, so she and I went our different ways professionally. But, that’s the kind of thing that we need to do as a people, I think. We have to each in our own way try to work together and live together. Eventually, we will figure it out. The sooner, the better. But, the reason that I’ve done this website [] now, and she’s doing the work she’s doing now is that, sooner or later, we all have to figure it out. I’m trying to figure out how to make people get past the fear of dying, because that fear is the base fear. If we don’t solve the fear of dying and we don’t solve the fear of one another, fear is going to destroy the world. Let’s get past fear. Fear is the basis of all wars. Fear is the basis of all the negativity in the world.

TSR NEWS GROUP: We have to destroy fear.


TSR NEWS GROUP: I want to come back to the idea of how and where to get started on your work, but this time let’s look specifically at the new website, There’s a section on the new site labeled, ‘Start Here’. That’s a very straightforward invitation. I think most people can pretty easily begin that journey. But, the question I have for you is, when they go to and they click Start Here, what can they expect when they begin the process?

ROBERTA GRIMES: Well, the first thing we asked them to do is basically forget everything that they’ve learned from science and from religion about death and about the way that reality is configured, because both science and religion are simply wrong. They teach us that this reality is real, when it simply is not! The simplest way to understand how reality is configured is to think about television. In the world in which you find yourself now, there are hundreds of TV channels all around you. And if you had a TV, and you turned it on, you could pick up Channel 5, and find your Channel 5 newsman live on TV. Then, if you tuned it to, say, Channel 7—also live TV news—you’d pick up a whole new reality right in the same room. Now, think of your mind as that TV. That’s a whole new reality. When you die, you pick up a whole new reality right in the same place.


ROBERTA GRIMES: That’s exactly what happens when you die. Right now, you’re tuned to that body on this level of reality. When you die, you pick up a new body on a slightly higher channel. New body, new reality. That’s exactly what death is.

TSR NEWS GROUP: New body, new reality.

ROBERTA GRIMES: It’s that simple.

TSR NEWS GROUP: Wow, that is amazing. Now, take me into the future five years or so. Where do you see yourself, Roberta, and what do you hope to achieve with Seek Reality in the long run?

ROBERTA GRIMES: I don’t think it matters about me, but, five years from now I would like to achieve a world in which everyone understands exactly what I’ve been telling you. I want everyone to understand that there is no death; that we are all eternal beings. The website is designed to help people understand what reality actually is, so you can first do away with what science has taught you about reality. First, we teach people that. Then, we teach people what the evidence tells us about what reality actually is. The website is designed to make that simple, and to give people the facts in easy-to-understand doses. So, if people simply do that in a manageable way, and if enough people do it, it wouldn’t take very many of them. One of the things we teach people is that our minds are all connected, so, if we can reach as few as five percent of people (approx. 350 million) within the next five years, it will raise the vibrations of all of us. It will suddenly begin to change the way people think in the world. I’d like to see that happen within five years’ time.

They should believe the truth. I mean, we have a combined 80 years of research behind us, Craig and I. There are many other people who have done little pieces of this research, but nobody else… very few other people have put it all together. But it really is the truth! And it will resonate. We have found it takes about two years of reasonably concentrated effort for most people to really get it. But, suddenly, it clicks. We aren’t just asking people to do this passively for research. We’re doing weekly question and answer sessions. We’re doing Zoom groups for people who have a specialized interest. We’re doing everything we can to help people get it. But, once you get it, you really get it, and you never back slide from it. It resonates with people. And it’s fun to know the truth. It’s all good news. There is no bad news.

TSR NEWS GROUP: Absolutely.

ROBERTA GRIMES: That’s the best part!

TSR NEWS GROUP: Purely good news.

ROBERTA GRIMES: It’s all wonderful news!

This article is the first of four in the Roberta Grimes interview series, New Body/New Reality. Please visit the newly launched website for more information about Ms. Grimes and her groundbreaking new venture.

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