How to watch the ‘Hey Yahoo!’ game show with Tom Cavanagh

Hey Yahoo

Yahoo and the Game Show Network teamed up for the summer’s most exciting quiz show launch! (Photo: Robert Voets)

Good news for game show fans: Your summer distraction is here with Hey Yahoo!, a joyful new half-hour quiz show that opens a window into what America is really thinking — in the form of billions of Yahoo searches. Hosted by Ed’s Tom Cavanagh, the show premiered on Monday, June 12 at 8pm ET on the Game Show Network. We’ve got the scoop on when and where to watch it, and more! Read on for all the details:

How to watch Hey Yahoo!

Hey Yahoo! airs weekdays at 8pm on the Game Show Network. Go to for more information on the show and Cavanagh, plus how to become a contestant on an upcoming episode.

Watch Hey Yahoo! on the Game Show Network

What is Hey Yahoo?

If Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud had a baby in the digital age, that baby would be Hey Yahoo! Throw in the ever-charming Cavanagh and contestants who say all the things you think they never will, and you’ve got yourself a very entertaining 30 minutes.

The game features two teams of three players each who work together to guess what millions of people are searching for on Yahoo Search. Teams are made up of family members, friends, co-workers and more. The contestants are given the beginning of a phrase like “Which state has the most ___ ?,” “How many days until ___ ?,” or “Where is the best place to see ___ ?,” and have to guess what Americans were searching for when they typed in that specific question or phrase on Yahoo. (It’s National parks, Christmas and Northern Lights for those playing along at home!)

Hey Yahoo game show (Photo: Robert Voets)

Can you guess which T-Swift song Americans are talking about? (Photo: Robert Voets)

The teams are given letters to help fill-in-the-blanks, with each correct answer adding to their bank. The catch? The more hints they need, the less money they win. And these answers aren’t based on random surveys; this is data straight from the source — Yahoo’s most popular and hilarious search results.

How do you win?

At the end of three rounds, the team with the most money goes on to a bonus, speed round for a chance to win $10,000. The team is presented with seven categories that correspond to Yahoo’s homepage sections— news, finance, sports, entertainment, life, shopping and tech. For each category, they need to correctly guess one popular search term. Contestants can choose which category to start with and pass to the next category if they’re stuck, but they’ll need to circle back and answer all seven questions correctly — in 60 seconds, no less— to win the additional $10,000.

Winning the bonus round, according to Cavanagh, is “very hard to do.” But when they do win, he says, “it’s one of the most enjoyable things — they’re all over each other, crying, screaming. It’s a genuine, exhilarating moment.”

Tom Cavanagh of Hey Yahoo (Photo: Robert Voets)

Personable and charming, Cavanagh is everything you want in a game show host. (Photo: Robert Voets)

Who is host Tom Cavanagh?

Cavanagh, who broke onto the scene with his lovable, aw-shucks character on early aughts TV show Ed, has also appeared on series like Scrubs and Blue Bloods. Since 2014, he’s acted in and directed superhero favorite, The Flash, on which he plays many characters, including archenemy ‘Reverse Flash.’ His affable personality and guy-next-door charm made him the perfect “character” to put the contestants at ease on Hey Yahoo! — and rib them just a bit when they offer answers like ‘shaggy hair’ to “Is it hard to change a ___ ?”

Watch Hey Yahoo! on the Game Show Network


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