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Demi Moore, 59, poses in swimsuits as she hopes to change ‘this idea that we become less desirable as we get older’

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Demi Moore designed bathing suits with confidence in mind.

The Ghost star, 59, spoke with People this week about her new swimwear line with Andie, which she hopes will inspire people to feel their best.

“For me, a big part about what was inspiring about this Andie collection was thinking about the things that women feel sensitive about, whether it’s their tummy or other areas of the body,” Moore explained. “They don’t want to look matronly or not feel sexy or desirable. That was really something in my own mind, which is changing this idea that we become less desirable as we get older.”

The actress said that she, too, struggles to feel good in her skin at times, but that shooting at the French Riviera for the campaign shoot was a positive experience.

“I probably fit into the category that has not been the most confident about my body. And I think that part of even doing a [swimwear] shoot, no matter what, it is extremely vulnerable,” Moore explained. “I felt so supported and encouraged — even while dealing with my own body dysmorphia. … I really do hope it makes women feel confident.”

Moore also shared photos from the shoot on her Instagram, where she received lots of praise from her followers. One wrote, “What sexy middle-aged witchcraft is this, and how can I get some?” Another added, “Wow! You look absolutely amazing!! But what else is new?!!!”

While Moore is hoping women feel confident in their swimwear with her new line, she previously spoke about the career experiences that helped her feel better in her own skin. The former model, who last year posed in Andie’s bathing suits alongside her three daughters, previously shared in her 2019 memoir Inside Out that posing nude while pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991 was one way she regained some confidence in her body.

“To help women love themselves and their natural shapes — that’s a remarkable and gratifying thing to have accomplished, particularly for someone like me who spent years doing battle with her body,” she wrote at the time.

She revisited that iconic cover in a 2021 interview on Naomi Campbell’s YouTube series No Filter.

“I understand what impact it had on the world,” she said of the photoshoot. “On women, on our permission to embrace ourselves in a pregnant state. But it was a moment that I was taking to really be in myself and be expressing myself and not trying to be anything other than me.”

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