Check out this sneak peek at Walmart’s Black Friday sale

Think of it: You can change the way a special someone starts their day, cleans their home and preps their family dinner with just three clicks. That's nuts...and brilliant. (Photos: Walmart)

Think of it: You can change the way a special someone starts their day, cleans their home and preps their family dinner with just three clicks. That’s nuts…and brilliant. (Photos: Walmart)

We know, we know…you’re all atwitter anticipating the bonanza of bargains that is Black Friday. The wait is almost too much to bear, right? But what if we told you that you don’t have to wait till next Friday to taste those delicious deals? What if you could sample an array of appetizers before that mouth-watering main course? Well, you can! Walmart’s just released some stellar early Black Friday sales, like 60% off a Shark vac-mop, a 50″ high-def smart TV for less than $150, and $120 off a loaded Nintendo Switch console.It’s never too soon to get a jump on holiday gifting (and never, ever a bad time for a self-gift), so read on and tuck in!


Onn. 50” Class 4K LED Roku Smart TV

$148$268Save $120

If you know someone who could use to have their TV game “smart”-ened up, you won’t find a better portal to that exciting world than this multitalented set. They’ll experience high-def like never before with 2160p screen resolution. If they’re not quite at the cord-cutting stage, no problem; they can get their viewing on via cable, satellite and HDTV antenna. If they are ready to jump into streaming, well, Roku (and its titular mobile app) is included, which means tons of channel choices and access to half a million TV eps and movies.
This TV’s also compatible with Apple Home, Alexa and Google Home and features three HDMI ports as well as a USB outlet, meaning your lucky giftee will be able to connect any dang component (DVD or Blu-ray player, soundbar, video game console, etc.) they’d like.

$148 at Walmart

Photo: Walmart

Chefman Barista Pro Espresso Machine

$99$139Save $40

You should know up front: This item’s a Walmart exclusive, which means you won’t find this deal anywhere else. And at just $99, you won’t want to pass it up. Been hankering to zhush up your caffeine game? Here’s your chance to put that regular joe behind you and start your day with a robust espresso, cappuccino or latte. And bring the family along, why don’t you? — this Chefman machine has 1.8 liter water reservoir, enough to snap everyone to attention in the morning or revive them from a turkey-induced tryptophan coma after that Thanksgiving feast.
And that $40 markdown is just the beginning of the savings; say good-bye to $4-a-pop cafe shakedowns!

$99 at Walmart

Photo: Walmart

TCL 2.1 Home Theater Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

$59$80Save $21

It’s always happy hour with this “bar,” as TCL’s Alto 5+ will bring your TV audio to powerful, precise dimension. It’s sad but true that most TVs, even otherwise high-end, awesome (i.e., expensive) sets rarely provide theater-quality sound. That makes a soundbar a fairly de rigueur accessories these days, and you won’t find a better merging of quality and value than this one.
The Alto 5+ is Roku-ready and can be connected, in mere seconds, via HDMI, Optical AUX input or Bluetooth. Need a break between mind-blowing movies and TV? Well, it can also brings the tunes via Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, to name just a few.

$59 at Walmart

Photo: Walmart

Gateway Notebook 11.6″ Touchscreen 2-in-1s Laptop

$149$199Save $50

This item has “killer gift” written all over it. A brilliant starter computer for the newbie, student or senior, as well as a crackerjack second family unit (just prop it on the kitchen counter and you’ve got a new nerve center for your home), it features a vivid 11.6″ LCD touchscreen, 4 GB of RAM and 64 gigs of storage. It comes loaded with Windows 10 and a front-facing camera for videoconferencing.
You want connectivity? It’s got connectivity, thanks to mini HDMI ,USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. And this baby can travel; it’ll bring the performance for 8.5 hours on a single charge. Oh, and have we mentioned it weighs a mere 2.6 lbs.? And that it’s only $149? We have now.

$149 at Walmart

Photo: Walmart

Serta So Soft 3-Piece Grey Reversible Comforter Set, Full/Queen

We’re Sertain there’s someone in your life that can use a plush new comforter, especially one from a household-name brand that has been keeping the world snuggled and rested for decades.
Available in Blue, Gray, Lilac, Mustard, Sage and Terracotta, this reversible comforter features a soft-washed surface and a “triangulated colorblock” pattern that strikes a nice balance between eye-catching and subtle. In our book, that adds up to: Stylish.
And, let’s face it, your lucky giftee will likely be using it all the time, in bed and on the couch, so how ’bout making it a breeze to clean? Oh, right: It’s 100% polyester and machine-washable. Done, and done!

$29 at Walmart

Photo: Walmart

Lego Star Wars Imperial Shuttle 75302 Building Toy

$40$70Save $30

If you’ll be visiting with a family of any size this holiday season, it’s a sure bet that there’ll be a few ‘Star Wars’ fanatics among them, whether they’re of grade school, grad school, or retirement age. And, well, you just can’t go wrong with this Lucasverse kit, especially at over 40% off.
There’s no more iconic vessel than the imperial Shuttle, and this Lego version, which can be assembled and reassembled time and again, will keep the aspiring Jedi on your gift list occupied (and, if necessary, out of your hair) for untold hours. This kit, of course, includes Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker mini figures (yes, with light sabers!). Seriously: Add to cart and you’re a cinch to be the all-star of the family holiday do.

$40 at Walmart

Photo: Walmart

Shark Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum and Mop

$188$480Save $292

If you’re at all familiar with the genius of Shark products, then, really, all we need to do is direct you to that price up there — you’re looking at a nearly $300 markdown on this vac-mop. You will NOT find a better deal on this.
If, however, you need an introduction, well: How’s life in that cave? Seriously, though: This Shark uses LIDAR technology to map your home and make sure it doesn’t leave a square foot uncleaned, and you can use Google Assistant or the SharkClean app to set a schedule or begin an impromptu patrol.
Of course, the real star here is the sonic mopping function — high-speed brushing and a microfiber pad combine to lift and remove even the ickiest mess on your floors. Gift this to someone and you will, literally, change their life.

$188 at Walmart

Photo: Walmart

Nintendo Switch Console w/ AIEC Accessory Bundle

$299$420Save $121

Here’s a gift for that Very Special kid (or kid-at-heart) on your list. Maybe you’ve got a godson or -daughter? Maybe a stepkid you’d like to ingratiate yourself with? Maybe you just want to lock in your status as Cool Aunt or Uncle. Or maybe you’re just a plain ol’ parent who lives for that look of amazed wonder as the wrapping paper comes off.
Also amazing? The $120 markdown on this hugely popular video game console, which comes with two controllers, one red, one blue, and has a play time of up to nine hours on a single charge — that’s a lot of time to spend with Mario or Zelda or ‘Grand Theft Auto’-ing.
That AIEC accessory bundle? It includes a 32GB micro SD card; a storage must for any serious (or soon to be serious) gamer.

$299 at Walmart

Photo: Walmart

Joyspun Women’s Velour Top and Sleep Pant Pajama Set

$12$20Save $8

Holiday time is a great time for a refresh and resupply of our sleepwear, so believe that this luxe velour ensemble will go over big with whomever is lucky enough to receive it. Available in eight colors and patterns (we’re particularly partial to the Black Soot Stars, White Leopard Print and Rose Sangria Dot Stripe options), these feature a relaxed fit, crew neck and long sleeves (because who wants to curl up on the couch with cold wrists?).
The set is, of course, machine-washable and the price is, of course, crazy-low enough for you to check multiple names off your list.

$12 at Walmart

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