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(Cat) Heaven is a place on earth thanks to this cat bed

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A cat, gazing up and laying in a cat bed.

Grab this ‘purr-fect’ cat bed while this sale lasts. (Source: Amazon)

Do your feline friends always insist on having a spot on your couch, bed or lap? While we love spending quality time with our little companions, we’ll be the first to admit that they can sometimes get in the way. From finding your couch covered in fur to trying to work from home with a cat in your lap, our clingy kitties can make things more difficult for us.

If you want your kitty to stay cozy in their own space, you need to check out this luxury cat bed. It’s super comfy, and even the neediest cats will love sleeping in this bed. Now you’ll finally have the privacy and time to focus on work and chores.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out why one shopper is calling this bed Cat Heavenin their five-star review: “I bought this in hopes it might deter my white haired cats from sitting on our new navy couch and it WORKED!!! One of them took instantly to it and the other one has tried it out. I only bought one in case they didn’t use it but looks like I will be ordering one or two more for the rest of our cats.”

If this super “paws-itive” review isn’t enough to convince you, learn more about the bed below and make up your own mind.

This pet bed is a great choice for kitties of all kinds

A cat, reclining in a cushioned bed.

This bed is sure to delight your feline companion. (Source: Amazon)

$18.99 $29.99 at Amazon

This bed is super cozy and is sure to capture your kitty’s attention. It’s nest-shaped and is equipped with soft walls which will provide a sense of protection and security for your favorite companion. Not only that, but it also provides head and neck support to offer your cat true comfort.

This round bed is filled with a high-loft down alternative, so they’ll be drifting off in seconds. It’s 20 inches across and is perfectly round to accommodate curled-up kitties who are ready to catch some Zs.

Another super convenient thing about this pet bed is that it’s equipped with anti-slip and water-resistant elements, so it won’t go skidding across the floor when your kitty has a case of the zoomies, nor will it be too difficult to clean up any accidents.

There’s no more need for hand-scrubbing your pet bed since this one is entirely machine washable, making it much easier to clean. It’s also dryer-safe, so your cat can have their favorite bed back as quickly as possible.

Give your cat the bed they deserve

Usually, this super cozy kitty bed is around $20, but right now you can save $10 thanks to the 33% off sale. Plus, there’s an extra 5% off coupon that you can check off to save even more at checkout. Just be sure to hurry and buy this luxurious pet bed before this limited-time Amazon deal expires. Your sweet kitty will surely be glad you did.

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